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Straight from our Family's mouth, hear and see what God is doing here in Peoria Heights, Illinois.

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Cathy Mullins says... (Reply)
"Last Wednesday night at Bible Study, we never got around to “studying” because the service took a turn and when God entered the building, the praise took over. Pastor asked for a $20.00 seed and I gave my last – as I often do. This seed was multiplied so many times over the very next day- as it often is. I was going to testify about receiving the money when it was needed so badly but I realized that I usually think of a blessing as money when it is so much more. Since I have joined Living Rock Church and become a believer, my life has changed in many ways. People see the power of God within me and they are not shy to say so. I am always amazed and taken aback. I show love to people every day and every day God sends me an angel that lets me know that he sees me. People I don’t know will walk up to me and ask me to pray for them. Strangers tell me “I see God all over you.” This used to scare me and I would want to cry. But now I realize that THIS is my BLESSING!" (3/24/17)