Greetings & Blessings from the Administrative Staff at Restoration Life Church!

It is our endeavor to follow protocol and guidelines given by the CDC to ensure that all of our RLC Family is safe and protected from any viruses.  WE have fully engaged in disinfecting the bathrooms and all hard surfaces of the church along with back seats of chairs where we commonly put our hands, that may potentially be a target for any common virus.  We will continue to have extra hand sanitizers available in each bathroom and common entry areas.

We advise all Seniors 60 & over to be cautious, avoid touching your face and wash your hands immediately after coming in contact with any public surfaces.  Anyone who is feverish, has a cough or knows they have a low immune system we are asking to stay indoors until CDC clears us for any potential threats.

We have resumed our scheduled services Sundays for Worship at 11am and our Wednesday Night Master Classes and Bible Study & 6:30pm.

The more we learn about the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the more we appreciate the importance of our most basic safety measures. Our Ministry is embracing a three-part “bundle” of measures called the Three W's.

They are:
   1. Wear a mask
   2. Watch your distance
   3. Wash your hands

It’s an easy, memorable way to approach prevention. It’s also important to understand these three tactics are most effective when they’re used in tandem. We do them all together – always. When we’re around others, even when we can be more than six feet apart, we still need to be vigilant about wearing masks and hand hygiene. The Three W's are how all of us, together, are going to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Know your risk by activity: When we’re around others – whether at church, at school, at work or at our favorite restaurant – we might be accepting at least a small amount of risk we could be exposed to COVID-19, but there are things we can all do to make these activities safer for everyone.


Be continually vigilant, prayerful but most of all keep the faith and DO NOT FEAR! (Joshua 1:9)

Click link below for information from the CDC.