Day 1
Healed Woman.
A woman that is healed, is a woman of virtue and character. She understands who she is and where she is going. She knows how to multi-task, and which hat to mount for the occasion. A healed woman understands that submission doesn’t devalue her, but it adds value to her virtue, strength to her character, poise to her beauty. Decree your spiritual mandate. I am a Healed Woman.




Day 2
A Healed Woman.
Women are normally particular about their hands. It’s not uncommon for a woman to carry lotion and even a finger nail file kit in their pocket book. Many women are frequent at getting a manicure, or doing their nails themselves. Care of the hands, speak towards bodily details and overall presentation. However, when your heart is not healed those same hands can do much damage. The Bible says, A wise women builds her house, but a foolish women tears it down with her hands (Proverbs 14:1).  In order to have healed and whole hands, you need a healed and whole heart.  Today we declare It’s Over! No more tearing down my destiny, marriage, family, friendships, body, career opportunities, and peace of mind. I am a phenomenal woman that builds through wisdom with her hands.


Day 3
A Healed Woman.
Every 30 days or so a woman experiences a monthly menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is the hormonal process a woman’s body goes through each month to prepare for a possible pregnancy. This is a normal monthly occurrence. However, the cycle of emotional, psychological, or abusive pain is Not Normal. Many women endure this type of pain on a daily basis, but today we decree it’s over! The cycle of pain ends today. I am a Healed Woman. I decree my freedom from cycles.




Day 4
A Healed Women
Many women love Jewelry. They put it in their ears, around there neck, around their wrist, around their ankle, and on their clothes. Jewelry always compliments the natural beauty of a woman, and a women’s heart represents the essence of beauty. Authentic Healed Women represent real Jewelry.  Real Jewelry doesn’t have to force itself, it shines. It never argues with the observer, it is.  It never devalues itself for bargain hunters, it knows its value. A Healed women is a precious Jewel, often imitated never duplicated.




Day 5

A Healed Woman:
A woman who has lost her spouse by death and has not remarried is referred to as a widow. A widowed woman may have suffered lost, but it does not mean she is lost. Yet, many women suffer from S.W.S., Spiritual Widow Syndrome. Those that suffer from S.W.S. have lost their Identity, integrity and heart. They have become indifferent and left their potential in life, but today we decree S.W.S. is over! I will not live like, sing or pray like a spiritual widow. I decree and declare I am the bride of Christ, I’m married, covered and healed!








Day 6
A Healed Woman
Most women are enamored with shoes.
Some women even buy the same shoe in different colors. A woman with a sharp pair of stilettos, tends to change her posture to chic to accompany the occasion. However, as high as those heals may be, sometimes those same heals won’t push through the glass ceiling of opportunity. A Healed woman says, if the ceiling won’t break, I’ll take the escalator, if that does not work, I’ll take the elevator. If that does not work, I’ll walk. Nothing stands in the way of a healed and whole woman.



Day 7
A Healed Woman
A Healed Woman takes 100 percent responsibility for her life. She does not play the blame game for her decisions in life, nor will she carry guilt for something that was not her responsibility. A Healed Woman does not run because a mistake was made, but is willing to admit mistakes, and take the necessary steps to correct it and move forward.
A Healed Woman plans ahead and does not procrastinate. She can be a career woman and can take care of her family and personal needs. A Healed Woman takes 100 percent responsibility for her life.



Day 8
A Healed Women
Before you wash your face, put on makeup, what do you do? You look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see guilt, shame, fear, low self-esteem, doubt? Do you see addictions, instability, anxiety, sadness?
Is the reflection accurate? If what you are seeing is opposite of what God knows about you at your core, it’s time to heal the heart, so you can change the reflection. Your heart has a tendency of showing through your face and actions.
A Healed Woman knows she is fearfully and wonderfully made, a designer original, this confidence reveals her spirit, which reflects through her face.


Day 9
A Healed Woman
As if they saw a shooting star, the children noticed the bed of beautiful flowers and began to voice their admiration of God’s creation. The mother was apparently irritated at the children’s admiration for life. She thought the children were overreacting. “What’s the big deal, it’s just some flowers.”
Have you lost your zest for life and creation? Has life taken so much from you that you no longer recognize nor enjoy its beauty? If that is you, it’s time to decree it’s over! It’s time to get my life, enthusiasm and love back. It’s time to decree your wholeness, healing and vision for life. Embrace the beauty of the day and the beauty of creation. Go get your life back!

Day 10
A Healed Woman:
A Healed woman recognizes, “I am love,” and everyone that Is showing up must give me more of what I am giving myself, and that is love.
Consider, there will be those that will show up to test the love you have for yourself. If your foundation is built upon love, your choices and reactions to the test will resist the opposite of love. A Healed Woman recognizes, fear is not love, control is not love, abuse is not love, deceit is not love, manipulation is not love.
A Healed woman recognizes impostors of love and makes necessary adjustments. Today assume the responsibility of being a Woman of love and not an impostor.



Day 11
A Healed Women:
An insecure individual is subject to fears, and doubts, they are not firmly or reliably placed or fastened, and can be double minded and unstable. A Healed woman does not live in the realm of insecurity nor is she intimidated by the security, stability, and sureness of others. When a woman walks in psychological and emotional healing, she creates an environment that empowers others to be fearless and faith filled. When a woman is insecure, she creates an environment of apprehension, and uncertainty. A Healed woman decrees and declares, I am not insecure, but confident of this very thing, that He that has begun a good work in me, shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Day 12
A Healed Woman
In the last couple of years there have been some very popular and talented women in church and out, secular and sacred, that have made national headlines. Was it because of their humanitarian efforts or Philanthropy? Was it because of their talent or receiving an auspicious award? No, they made headlines because of the words from their mouth, which in many cases hurt their careers. A Healed Woman words are seasoned with grace for the listener. She knows when to speak and when to keep silent. A Healed woman that operates in virtue, knows her words are precious and can build or tear down. A Healed Woman is mindful that words are like money, once spent, there is a no return policy, even with the receipt.

Day 13
A Healed Woman:
Today we Decree and Declare our healing.
We decree healing of our mind and emotions.

We decree and declare healing of our past and present.

We decree healing from our secret pain.

We decree and declare healing for our families.
We decree and declare healing from abuse.

We decree and declare healing over generational cycles and curses.
We decree and declare healing for our marriage.

We decree and declare healing for our children.

We decree and declare healing for our vision and ministry.

We decree and declare an abundant life.

We decree and declare a life of prosperity and wealth.

We decree and declare covenant relationships.

We decree and declare angelic protection.

We decree and declare, because your word says, thou shall decree a thing, and it will be established unto you.


Day 14

A Healed Woman:
A women’s perception creates her environment. Her attitude and disposition are a reflection of her thought life and inner awareness. If her inner perception is fear, anxiety, anger, or bitterness, she will attract to herself experiences to keep her locked in a vicious cycle of pain.
When a woman is healed, her perception shifts from blame to total responsibility for her choices and actions. She is not a fault finder, but an example to her family, friends, and associates of what love, joy, and peace looks like. She embodies correct inner perception, so her perspective reflects wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


Day 15
A Healed Women:
There was one Leprous man that went back to Jesus, to thank him for healing. Jesus asked, “where are the other nine.” Then Jesus said to the man, be made whole! It is obvious that this was not just a physical healing, but a spiritual overhaul. To be whole is to be fulfilled, complete, and undivided. It’s not just enough for physical healing if your soul is still sick, and prone to more damage that can put you back in the same condition.
A Healed woman realizes, she needs physical and spiritual healing, and is willing to go back to Jesus and thank him and receive one more impartation. A Healed woman says, I don’t just want the physical healing, but I desire to be fulfilled, complete, and not divided or double minded. I want to be whole!

Day 16
A Healed Woman:
A Healed Women is a prepared woman. She is prepared for her next opportunity, next assignment, and next venture.
She is not the lady-in-waiting, but the lady making it happen. A Healed Women is in Divine relationship with God and herself.
She is not selfish, but self-full. What she is not prepared for, she places herself in preparation process. Esther prepared for 12 months before she had audience with the King. After the time of personal cleansing and rejuvenation, she was prepared for her next. Whether you know it or not, your next breakthrough to a new you, is in reach!
Be Healed!

Day 17
A Healed Women:
Are you happy...?
When a person is unhappy, there is a tendency to see life through a vacuum of uncertainty and pain. While in this state, everything is empty and vague, and nothing is ever enough. Even with the good and in the good, an unhappy person will find fault, criticize, create drama, so that their environment reflects their inner being. What many don’t realize, unhappiness is never out there, it’s within your soul.
It takes maturity and responsibility to accept that what’s happening on the inside is not due to this person, that place, or this thing, it’s coming from within.
Also, If you are not discerning, you can be seduced into another person’s unhappiness, because misery loves company. Today we decree and declare Happiness and Wholeness. We resist the torment of unhappiness and replace it with Love, Joy, Peace.

Day 18
A Healed Women:
Are you a praying women? Do you take the time to cry out to God on behalf of a nation, community, family or person? Are you standing in the gap on behalf of a family member, friend, or church?
When you are hurting, wounded, confused, or enraged you may find it difficult to put the right words together for yourself, let alone someone else.
Today, we decree and declare our emotional healing, and freedom from inner turmoil, so we can take our rightful place as prayer warriors and clearly intercede and articulate with passion and vigor prayers that touch the heart of God and provoke change in the earth realm. Today I decree and declare my position as a praying woman.

Day 19
A Healed Woman:
A Healed Woman is a committed Women. She is committed to her God, her family, her vision and herself. She values commitment from others because relationships are important to her. She is committed to the task of being 100 percent responsible in every area of her life.
A Healed Woman is willing to go the extra mile, fight the good fight of faith, and make sure that the smallest detail is covered. A Healed committed woman knows her word is her bond. She will do everything to make sure that what she has vowed, will come to past in excellence.


Day 20
A Healed Woman:
A Healed Women is a determined woman.
She decrees, declares and sings, “I am determined to make it all the way, I am determined in spite of what people say. Stumbling blocks may fall along the way, and it may get rough along the way. Through rain or shine, I have made up my mind, to persevere all the time. I am determined to make it all the way.
When you are determined there is nothing or no one that can stand in your way.
A Healed and determined Women sees obstacles as steppingstones for the next learning experience and venture. She has a divine internal motor that keeps going and going.

Day 21
A Healed Women:
Are we seeing the fullness of your creativity, talents and vision? What’s holding back innovative skills? Who’s holding you back from thinking outside the box? Well, there is only one person to blame, You... When healing is needed in your inner being, all of your creativity, gifts and talents will lie dormant in the crevices of your heart. Sadly, the world does not benefit from the hidden treasure that’s within. Today we decree and declare it’s over! I will no longer self-sabotage!
I will no longer hold myself hostage to my own demise. Today, I sharpen my creative tools and release my gifts into the atmosphere. I am willing to be all that God created me to be; A Whole Healed Creative Woman...

Day 22
A Healed Woman:
There is a time and purpose for everything under the sun. Sometimes when you go through a tough heart wrenching season, it may appear that the season will never change, nor will things get better. It may even seem like life is punishing you and everything and everybody is being unfair. Fear Not!
Storms, circumstances, dilemmas and situations come, but It doesn’t come to stay. This winter season has been pretty cold and snowy. However, while observing my front yard this morning I noticed something. That’s right, as you see in the picture a sign that spring is on the way.
It doesn’t matter what it looks like or feels like. When it’s time for your season to shift, the old blustery cold season will have to give way to your new season and new you!


Day 23
A Healed Woman:
Do you have problems with boundaries, control or low self-esteem? Do you believe it is your job to be the answer or caretaker for your adult family, friends or associates? Do you create fantasy relationships to make up for what you did not receive as a child? These questions and so many more could reflect a deeper root issue of codependency. Those that struggle with codependency are very good at covering up their issues to analyze others. Most codependent relationship start out as an asset but before long become a liability.
Codependents have a tendency of operating as Jesus junior in the lives of their family and friends, and they truly believe they have the answer for your life, the White House, and any other house, but normally don’t have the answer for their own house. Those that wrestle with codependency believe everyone is an extension of their persona, and should not have separation in thought, word or deed. Today we break the disease and chains of codependency in our lives and replace those chains with freedom to be our own person.

Day 24
A Healed Woman:
Real prosperity is to be whole and complete, nothing lacking or broken. It is fulfillment from the inside out, not from the outside in. When you are broken on the inside, you may tend to look for something outside of yourself for completion. You also may be tempted to seek negative forms of stimulus to numb the intrinsic pain. Being broken will leave a hole in the abyss of your soul. You also may not realize it, while in this inner prison, nothing or no one can get in, and nothing or no one can get out, including you. Today I decree and declare it’s over! I am no longer broken in my heart, mind or spirit.
I am a Whole Woman...

Day 25
A Healed Women:
The ability to quiet your mind and spirit takes willingness and self-control. Sometimes we are so busy talking we are not listening, so busy worrying we are not trusting. When our thoughts are going 100 miles an hour, it’s important to end the race in your mind by declaring, Peace Be Still... Once stillness has come to the mind, the still small voice of the Holy Spirit will be able to lead you and guide you into all truth for you, your family, and overall Destiny. You may have thought that screaming, shouting and breaking the dishes would get you the desired result. This time try a different approach. Quiet yourself, listen, you will be told what to do.


Day 26
A Healed Women:
You have told the story from beginning to end, the plot, sub-plots, beginning, middle and end. The same story has been shared over and over to your family and friends. Momma said, baby he’s not the one.” Daddy said, “leave him alone.” Your best friend got right in your face and asked, “Are you crazy?” Most importantly the Holy Spirit whispered and said, “NO!”
Yet, you couldn’t leave, you wouldn’t leave. You made every excuse after excuse.
You prayed, fasted, shouted and rolled on the floor, and nothing changed. Now it is ten years later, twenty years later, and you are in the same situation and circumstance. Now you are mad, bitter and enraged! Who are you upset with, you or him? Today we decree and declare it’s over! No more will I remain in this pothole of despair. No more will I waste another day, No more will I lie to myself.
Today I stop the madness...

Day 27
A Healed Woman:
You came to me in a very subtle way and suggested, you know what you suggested.
We secretly talked about it, and I was tempted to tell our conversation to my best friend, but I knew she wouldn’t understand. Hell, no one would understand. You came to me at 2:00am in the morning, and our conversation deepened. Your suggestion again was very tempting, even seducing. This time I started to tell my mother, but I already know what she would say, I knew what she would do, I knew how she would look. I told you I don’t want to talk any more. but you came back, more aggressive and determined. You told me, if I did it your way, I would never have to worry about anything ever again. It sounded so real, so peaceful. One day your suggestion was overwhelming, I attempted what you suggested. When I woke up the next day, I was in the hospital, your suggestion for taking all those pills didn’t work. Today, I’m going to tell your name to everyone. Your name is suicide, and I decree and declare we will not be talking again. You are not the answer to my prayers.

I decree and Declare I’m getting my life back.
Goodbye Suicide!

Day 28
A Healed Women:
The disposition of a Healed Women is that of Love, Joy and Peace. She positions herself around people, places, and things that represent the love she has for herself.
She demonstrates love in her persona and her position remains consistent. The disposition of a Healed Women is that of joy. The joy that she displays is efficacious and contagious. Even in her down time, she finds internal Joy to sustain her. A Healed Women is a peacemaker. Her environment is that of peace, because her mind is that of peace.
A Healed Woman increases in Love, Joy and Peace, because she remains connected to the giver of life...

Day 29
The Healed Women:
There was a woman with an issue of blood that spent twelve long years seeking help for her issue but found none. One day she heard that Jesus was coming to her town and in desperation she pressed her way through the crowd and touched the hem of Jesus garment and was made whole. Having an issue for a month is one thing, but having an issue for twelve, fifteen or twenty years is an entirely different situation. How long has your issue been going on? How many people have you asked for help? Have you spent all your time seeking help and the issue is getting worse?
Is it possible you are looking and talking to the wrong person?
I have a word for you...
Jesus is not passing through your city or town; He is already there. Press through your fears, doubts, worries, and unbelief. It’s your time for a breakthrough! All you have to do is reach up and receive your healing, it’s yours for the asking.
Be Healed in Jesus name.

Day 30
A Healed Women:
The past 30 days we have been on a journey called, “The Healed Women.” Through this journey there has been a plethora of revelation for women that desire to be healed, or how to sustain their healing. As we conclude this journey together, I would like to conclude with, “The Thankful Women.”
Having an attitude of Gratitude is essential for life. if you are going to be a woman of purpose, passion, position, and perseverance, you must at all times be thankful for who you are, what you have, where you are, how you will get there, and why you are here. When you are thankful, you are grounded, balanced and most of all appreciative for all that you have in life. Having a thankful heart makes room for the abundance of life, love, and all good things.

Always remember, the greatest gift you can give to God is thank you!

Thanks for reading!



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