1.  A Wrong Attitude Can Cause Frustration.
Principle - Your attitude can work for you or against you. It is important to have a positive attitude on the onset of any new venture or relationship. Surrounding yourself with people who have bad thought patterns of doubt and unbelief can tear down a dream and cause much frustration.

2.  Trying To Change People.
Principle - In most cases, people normally show you who they are, and what they are about by their attitude, personality, and dress which will reflect their cause. If you try and change a person without consent, it will be like trying to push a bull to the middle of the freeway. Either way, you get hurt. This will cause much frustration.

3.  Unresolved Issues From The Past.
Principle - Living in the shadows of the past is equivalent to a Freddie Kruger's nightmare, it keeps showing up to haunt you. This creates frustration.

4.  One Sided Friendships/Relationships.
Principle-Have you ever experienced a one sided relationship? These types of relationships are manipulative, deceptive, and dangerous. Having a relationship with someone that has a sense of entitlement, and subtly or overtly demanding that you stroke their ego is quite frustrating. Seek friendships where the Law of Reciprocity exists.

5.  Ungodly Counsel.
Principle-In the multitude of counselors there is safety, but receiving bad counsel is dangerous. Taking the advice of the one that offers ego perception, oppose to someone that provides foresight and wisdom can cause much frustration. After receiving advice from anyone take it to the Lord for review.

6.  Being Misunderstood.
Principle-There is nothing more frustrating than sharing your heart with someone that masks understanding. There is nothing more frustrating than having an argument with someone that insist it's a bird, when you know it's a plane.
Pursue relationships with those that you can touch and agree with.

7.  Moving too fast.
Principle-Moving too fast can be an indication of laden fear. This requires a soul searching moment. Are your actions love based or fear based? Once you get to the root, you will eventually see the desired fruit.

8.  Not Knowing What You Want.
Principle-The person that is double minded, is unstable in all his ways. This produces frustration for the individual, and everybody they are connected to.

9.  Wrong Confessions.
Principle-The word of God says, confess your faults one to another and pray that you may be healed (James 5:16). Yet, I have discovered you must be wise in whom you confess your troubles and weaknesses to.
Stop confessing your experience to those that have no respect for your reality

10.  Painting Inside The Color Lines.
Principle-If you are a creative, passionate person, it is very difficult to be forced into a limited atmosphere. Creative people always learn the rules first, so they can properly know how to break them. As you prepare for this New Year, prepare your heart and mind to live and create without boundaries....
It doesn't matter if your gifting's are in Church or out, the creator of the universe lives on the inside of you, and you can do exploits.

In 2015 go into the abyss of your creativity, knowing that it is ok to paint outside the color lines, and watch a Garden of Eden manifest before your very eyes, God Bless.

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