RESTORATION LIFE CHURCH Started with our Founding Church under the name of Living Rock Church which was previously located in Peoria Heights, Illinois, and was founded in 1999 by Pastor Stanley & Dorothy Svetich.  Pastor Stan, as he was graciously known by his congregation, went on to glory in 2012. 


LRC board members had appointed Dr. James H. Taylor as Senior Pastor in November 2014 and is joined with his wife Lady Kim.  Together Dr. Taylor and Lady Kim have four adult children and seven grandchildren and one fur-son.  Dr. Taylor holds a Bachelors of Liberal Arts and a Master's in Theology as well as a Doctorate in Divinity.  He has served in ministry as a Leader for over 25 years acquiring roles as a minister of music, preacher, teacher and as Associate Pastor for the Music and Fine Arts Department.


Dr. Taylor is a visionary guided by the Holy Spirit to lead this ministry into the next dimension.  2015 was the start of "Project Nehemiah" as we prepared to rebuild the walls for restoration, commitment and discipleship. 2016 was the Year of Rebuilding the Walls.  2017 was the Year of Increase and also Lady Kim was appointed as Associate Pastor over Administration. 2018 was the Year of Stability; Dr. Taylor taught on the biblical fundamentals of being spiritually and emotionally stable. In 2019 God called us to "Build."  We continue to build and grow in areas of Spiritual Growth, Leadership and building our children's ministry to grow in studying God's word and learning how to worship God in a regular Sunday Morning service.  2020 arrived and we focused on "A New Model".  We began a new decade with clearer vision, clearer focus and a new paradigm that has catapulted us to doing God's Work for Kingdom building. 2021 was the year of "PREVAIL" we will be successful, victorious and more driven towards the goal of doing ministry that edifies the kingdom and to establish a relationship with our community. We professed that "We will Prevail, We will Triumph, We will Succeed, We will Overcome, and We will Conquer!"  2022 was prophetically declared as the year of "Open Heavens" of possibilities, double portion blessings, and partnership.  Many received confirmations of businesses that were started, healing took place and many are experiencing RESTORATION in their lives.  2023 has been declared as the year of "EXPANSION" whether it be spiritually, mentally, physically or naturally, we decree and declare that RLC will "Expand" its borders as we are ready to build or purchase another building for our community events!  Continually pray with us and for us that God will make a way and that the finances will come!  In Jesus Name!




In March 2020 we relocated from Peoria Heights to now West Peoria, Illinois.  In May 2020 by the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit - Our New Name is: Restoration Life Church.  2020 was definitely a clearer, more focused and intentional year as we were faced with the challenges of the worldwide pandemic virus.  But we continued serving ministry by way of video, internet, social media sites and text messages.  We did not let anything stop us from doing God's Work!